JavaScript libraries core Mvc Controls toolkit relies on various JavaScript libraries that are part of the Mvc Conbtrols Toolkit project.

mvcct-enhancer takes care of orchestrating and coordinating all modules. Moreover, it takes care of detecting Html5 input browser support and sending this information to the server. Finally, it supplies basic Html5 input fallback with multi-culture support.

bootstrap-html5-fallback complements mvcct-enhancer Html5 input fallback with bootstrap widgets.

Unobtrusive.Extensions extends standard Mvc unobtrusive client validation with: globalization, dynamic content validation, client rules for format validation of all .net types, an enahnced range rule (working, not only with numbers but with all ordered types), and a dynamic maximum/minimum range rule.

mvcct-controls contains all JavaScript code needed by Mvc Controls Toolkit server controls. Developers should not call its public methods, but just include the appropriate js files for the controls included in the page.

mvcct-controls contains also a .js file with usefull ajax utilities. It supports ajax update links, and pager, not-jQuery ajax methods, and various kinds of client routing.

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