Releases history

1.1.5 :

  1. Fixed a few minor bugs
  2. [RunTimeType] now affects also Json serialization/deserialization
  3. Added logic to handle Tag Helper Providers plug-ins
  4. Added custom columns with a "name" instead of "asp-for"

1.1.4 :

  1. Improved Linq/Database tools, and added CRUDRepository class.
  2. Added Rows/Columns, Templates, and associated TagHelpers, cahe and paste TagHelpers. Added the whole Taghelper Provider Logic.
  3. Added Batch Grid, Immediate Grid, Pager, Detail form, Autocomplete, CrudController and Server Controls TagHelper provider

1.0.1 Bug fix release. Fixed:

  1. store-model tag helper not working properly when not in the root of the ViewModel.
  2. Range & DynamicRance attributes fixed limits not working for input type month.

1.0.0 First public release

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